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I was completely taken in by a binary option company, and soon they had all my savings. I soon found out that I couldn't withdraw my funds. I tried so many different ways, but no luck, and had given up. Thanks to Ultrarecovery I have received my funds, thank you for all your help, I am forever indebted to you.

Desmond Entreprenuer


They have helped me to recover my money as well as 5 other people I referred them to, they are totally reliable

Sarah Nurse

Thank You!

I was scammed for $37k. I was painstakingly trying to get my money through credit card chargeback dispute and submitting endless complaint forms to various authorities, with zero results.. After contacting and getting in touch with Peter, I was able to recover all the money I deposited. seems to be the best, when dealing with binary options scams. My special thanks to Peter at His professionalism and support helps a lot in dealing with binary options brokers. I'd highly recommend contacting Ultrarecovery team to get positive results for your claims.

Paulina Dentist

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I had invested about 150,000 USD with Ten Option and after about 6 months of lies, contradictions and broken promises, had received only 15,500 USD back. My account manager, Ronald, initially appeared to be helping me but in the end it was obvious that he and his company were taking me for everything they could get!! With my credit card maxed out, overdue and having been subjected to a lot of interest, fees, etc. I finally found out about ultrarecovery. Peter helped me to recoup $110,000 from Ten Option and it only took about 3 months!! I cannot thank him (and the company he works for) enough! I am thankful there is someone doing their best to remedy the atrocious things that are being done to ordinary, hard-working people and families by these binary options companies.

Ben Agent


I contacted Ultrarecovery about one month ago with very little hope of getting any of my money back after I was scammed by Banc da binary. From the moment I contacted Ultrarecovery, Jeremy was very helpful and today I could enjoy a very good amount of my money back in my account. They are very professional and they know these SCAMMERS inside out. Thank you very much Leah and especially Jeremy!!!.

David Civil Servant

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I was persuaded by a man to deposit about 43,000$ in Dalton finance he promised it would be free risk, but he didn't keep the promise. I was really in pieces when I thought that I lost everything I have. Then I contacted ultrarecovery and they took my case very carefully and helped me to bring all my money back in just 3 months. Mr Peter helped he is really smart! I can't thank Ultrarecovery enough! They are all very nice people like heroes ready to fight for you. Thank you Peter, You rock!

Amanda Weave Wholesaler


hello everybody, as you reading this you must be a victim of scams online thieves but don't worry there are still some good people in this world and Mr. Peter is one of them i was very frustrated that i have lost $78550 for Magnum binary option and since February i wasn't able to get it back, i found Ultrarecovery on google and i contacted Peter, he took my case as serious case an guide me to win my money back, 4 Months later i received my money and now I'm very happy again. Please don't loose your hopes because there are some ANGLES guarding our shoulders ..

Sierra Medical Doctor


I am glad I found this website. I had lost all hope in recovering my money from 99 Binaryl. They may take a while to get to your case depending on workload but once they do, you are sorted. I took a 10% scheme (pricey but worth it). I would recommend it to anyone out of options, if you don't win, you don't pay for anything either..

Justin Mechanic

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I was scammed by HBC Broker for $75,750 USD. I thought my money was gone for good. Then I came across Ultrarecovery on a forum about HBC options trading. I contacted them and within days I got all my money back! Peter and her team really know what they are doing! I just cannot thank them enough! .

Larsson Broker


I was scammed by a binary options broker for $11,000 US and Jeremy helped me get ALL my money back ! Very professional service !.

Jeffery Dunham Banker

Many Thanks!

I thought Banc de binary had ruined my life. BDB scamed me out of an extraordinary amout of money. I felt cheated, worthless and embarrassed. I didn't know which way to turn for help. That was until I met Peter from Ultrarecovery. Peter is an amazing Guy. Peter took on my case and has worked tirelessly on it. Not only is he very professional, Peter helped me personally. he was there for me when I was on my emotional roller-coaster. he dug me out of my hole of shame. I was ashamed because I consider myself a smart womman and I was ashamed of myself for being so stupid and believing in BDB. Peter helped me through those dark self doubting periods. Peter was always positive . always had a plan when the fight changed paths. I am happy to say that all of my money that was lost through credit card has been returned. I can not thank Peter enough. This is a genuine Guy that will enter the battle with you with all guns blazing. it's hard for me to truly express in words how I feel, other than, THANK YOU Adian

Shelah Business Owner


Peter had helped me to recover a portion of my funds from Banc De Binary! He helped to analyse my situation and advice step by step, like how to reply, & who I should speak to etc. Thanks Peter!

Morris Engineer

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